The MH Protection Relay is in many ways, tied with Mun Hean's heritage in Industrial Electrical Solutions.  Mun Hean has been working closely with switchboard manufacturers for over 3 decades; understanding their needs and developing state-of-the-art products to drive the market.

The flagship in this portfolio is the MH Protection Relay.  A pioneer in electronic protection relays, the MH Protection Relay has its heritage dated since 1981 where, designed by Mun Hean Singapore, was manufactured by Kasuga of Japan.  Today, through the R&D wing, Mun Hean Technology, the relays anchor on its exclusive MTB fault indication system to continue leading the market. 

Conventional electronic protection relays are dependent on a continuous auxiliary power supply to remain functional. Without a UPS supply source, the easy way is to tap power before the circuit breaker, which compromises safety and creates reliability problems. The practice of tapping before the circuit breaker brings risk to the upstream network, since a part of the downstream circuit is always live, regardless of the breaker status. The MH Protection Relay overcome this problem using a mechanical trip system that operates without dependence on an auxiliary power supply. Simple in concept, but the system is exceptionally difficult to design and manufacture. By successfully doing so, the MH Protection Relay has steadfastly built itself a reputation for delivering, a protection class of its own.